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What is GoSense?

Time for us to share a little secret – we were absolutely those kids in school that asked the teacher “how am I going to use this in my life.”

We want to help educators answer that question across a wide range of STEM fields. Using inquiry-based and student-defined projects grounded in their local communities, students are empowered to investigate questions unique to their interests.

GoSense is currently in development and supported by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). From environmental sensing to mathematical analysis, the GoSense program will offer educators the tools and resources to bring the world into their classroom. In particular, GoSense will provide opportunities for students and educators to explore sensors, big data, computer science, environmental sensing, and various fields of engineering.

Don’t have access to water, that’s not a problem! This project includes multiple sensor kits with various use cases in water, air, and land environments. In addition to kits, the program is enhanced by educational and program support resources as well as a virtual community to connect groups to each other.

As a program, GoSense is flexible and works well both within new programs and existing programs or classroom models. The kits are adaptable for all learning environments, so whether you’re in the classroom, at home, or out in the real world, GoSense will work for you.

Does all this sound awesome? Find out more.

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