About GoSense

Air, land, or sea, GoSense has you covered.


What is GoSense?

GoSense introduces students and educators to sensors, big data, computer science, environmental sensing, and various fields of engineering through a series of sensor kits designed for use in real-world projects. 

Sense your Surroundings

The GoSense project offers flexible STEM programming to support educators and students. Through a series of environmental sensor kits designed for use in real-world projects, students learn about their local environments through hands-on inquiry, data collection, and analysis.

Developed for use in water, air, and land environments, GoSense kits will be enhanced by educational and program support resources, a virtual community, and a citizen science framework for use in pilot programs in communities across the United States. 

Change the World

GoSense provides students ranging from middle school through undergraduate studies with real-world applications and experiences to frame their classroom learning. Through inquiry- and project-based learning models, a citizen science framework provides communities with the flexibility to start a new program or incorporate GoSense into existing programs or classroom models. The modularity inherent in this project is one of its greatest strengths, supporting adaptation for at-home, distance learning, and hybrid educational settings, as well as traditional in-person classrooms or clubs. 


Welcome to RoboNation

GoSense is the newest program addition to RoboNation. This is where tomorrow’s innovators can start taking risks, making breakthroughs, and building robots today.

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