GoSense is a RoboNation Program Currently in Pilot Stage

Resources and Information will be Updated Continually!

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GoSense Pilot Programs

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Pilot Overview


The GoSense pilot program incorporates the GoSense sensor pack prototype into a citizen science project construct to introduce students to real-world research. This page contains instructions for phase I of the pilot as well as resources for participant groups engaged in this pilot program. 


Following completion of Phase I, participants are encouraged to design and implement new unique research projects incorporating GoSense. Steps 3 through 5 in the following Phase I instructions may be utilized as a starting point for participant-directed Phase II citizen science research projects.


  • STEP 1: Complete pre-engagement surveys
  • STEP 2: Review GoSense User Guide
  • STEP 3: Deploy GoSense & collect data
  • STEP 4: Download data from GoSense
  • STEP 5: Review & upload data to FieldScope
  • STEP 6: Complete post-engagement and usability surveys (coming soon)





Pilot Resources


GoSense Air User Guide V1.0

GoSense Water User Guide V1.0 

User Guide for GoSense Projects – Coming soon!

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STEP 1: Complete pre-engagement surveys

In order to support the continued evolution and development of the GoSense prototype and program structure, all participants are requested to complete pre-engagement surveys prior to participation in the pilot. This information will be used to evaluate the program and not individual participants. No personally identifiable information will be collected. 

Educator/Mentor Pre-Event Survey

Student Survey – Coming Soon!

STEP 2: Review GoSense User Guide

Participants should familiarize themselves with the GoSense prototype features and operation prior to first deployment. Below is an overview of the contents of the User Guide.


GoSense Air User Guide v1.0
GoSense Water User Guide v1.0

GoSense Kit Contents and Unit Features

GoSense System Performance Attributes

Important Getting Started Considerations

Connecting GoSense to a Computer

Description of Menu Options with PC Connection

Setting up Number of Samples and Sample Display

Setting Date, Time, and UTC Offset

Setting Location

Recording Data

Downloading Data

Data File Name & Fields Description


Appendix 1 – Charging Batteries

Appendix 2 – Installing Arduino on PC

Appendix 3 – Installing and Removing Micro SD Card

Appendix 4 – GoSense Air v101 Temperature and Air Quality Stability and Temperature Offset

Appendix 5 – CR1220 Lithium Coin Battery Safety and Usage


STEP 3: Deploy GoSense and collect data

Following instructions outlined in the GoSense User Guide to deploy the GoSense. In particular:

Prior to arriving at test site:

Ensure batteries are charged and correctly installed (Section 5.0)

Install Arduino 

Arduino Software Download

At test site:

Carefully deploy GoSense to collect data.

Using the GoSense Data Collection Sheet, record test site observation information

Data Collection Sheet – Air (Word)

Data Collection Sheet – Air (PDF)


Data Collection Sheet – Water (Word)

Data Collection Sheet – Water (PDF)

STEP 4: Download data from GoSense

Download the data collected.

STEP 5: Review and upload data

Coming soon!

STEP 6: Complete post-engagement and usability surveys (coming soon)

STEP 6: Complete post-engagement and usability surveys (coming soon)